Can Dynamic volume be extended w/o losing data?

I have a 38GB HD that is set to Dynamic for W2K. I really need to readjust the volume configurations and was hoping to convert this drive to be the boot disk for my W2K system (I want to change from 8GB & 38GB to 38GB & 120GB with the smaller drive holding the OS). I have a number of videos in various stages of editing that are too large to back up on CD and too large to move to available space on another volume. It would sure save me a lot of time-consuming trouble if I could extend a dynamic volume without losing these files.

Can it be done?
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  1. Here's what Microsoft says about it:

    Extends the volume with focus into next contiguous unallocated space. For basic volumes, the unallocated space must be on the same disk as, and must follow (be of higher sector offset than) the partition with focus. A dynamic simple or spanned volume can be extended to any empty space on any dynamic disk. Using this command, you can extend an existing volume into newly created space.

    If the partition was previously formatted with the NTFS file system, the file system is automatically extended to occupy the larger partition. No data loss occurs. If the partition was previously formatted with any file system format other than NTFS, the command fails with no change to the partition.

    You cannot extend the current system or boot partitions.

    Here is from the disk management help:

    You can extend a volume only if it does not have a file system or if it is formatted using the NTFS file system. You cannot extend volumes formatted using FAT or FAT32.
    You cannot extend a system volume or boot volume.
    You can extend simple or extended volumes that are not system or boot volumes, as long as there is available disk space. This includes volumes created as dynamic volumes or created as basic volumes and then converted to dynamic on Windows XP.
    You cannot extend striped volumes, mirrored volumes, or RAID-5 volumes.
    If you upgraded from Windows 2000 to Windows XP, you cannot extend a simple or spanned volume that was originally created as a basic volume and converted to a dynamic volume on Windows 2000.
    You can extend a simple volume onto additional dynamic disks to create a spanned volume. Spanned volumes cannot be mirrored or striped.
    If you extend a spanned volume, you cannot delete any portion of it without deleting the entire spanned volume.

    Hope this helps someone else who is interested in the same thing - Tim
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