Very high cpu usage(60-100%) tried everything

Lately, the cpu usage on my laptop goes very high without no reason. It sometimes bursts from 10 to 100 percent without any apparent reason. Looking into the task manager and sorting the procceses by cpu usage reveals that no single process uses very much cpu, instead about 10-15 percent is used by multiple services each.
I run an Asus laptop k73s with an i5 2430m proccesor, an nvidia gt540m, 4 gigabytes of ram and windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. I tried everything from doing registry cleaning and repairing to disk formatting and virus and malware scans. Each attempt to no avail.
I would really appreciate any help given. Thanks in advance!
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  1. If you have 10 processes using 10% of your CPU, you are using 100%. Also, you might have a virus that your scans cannot pick up. It happened to me a while back and I had to reinstall windows. Try booting off the network to eliminate the possibility of it being a bot net. If it doesn't occur off the network, it is a virus using you to process information and then sending it to a main server which is giving your computer tasks. If it cannot give your machine tasks then you will not be using CPU power to complete them. Try shutting down processes and see how much the CPU load goes down if the network thing doesn't work. Think about programs you installed right around when this problem arose, uninstall them if they were suspect.
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