Wifi-protection: two networks in a single device

so here's the deal:

our landlord provides free internet by means of an open highspeed-wifi network. Unfortunately, it is unencrypted and totally "open", so i can see all other users.

my idea is as follows:

get a router with two wifi-modules. connect module a to SSSID a (the open network). module b builds a second, secured network for my PCs, the internal firewall separates the two networks, still allowing internet to flow in from module a.

is something like that possible with a single device or do i need a firewall and two access points?


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  1. You may be able to do it with your current router if it is one that can use dd-wrt firmware. You can set up a WLAN Repeater and secure your virtual wireless subnet with WPA2/AES.

    edit: HERE is a link to supported routers.
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