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Not sure what area to put this in but I'll do it here.
For about a week now I've been having issues with my computer just randomly lagging. To fix it I have to restart it. I recently just got back into wow and thats when I noticed it happening. Im running a 590 gtx, i5-750, 8gb ddr3 ripjaw ram, p55-sli MB, Prosilencer 950watt psu. I didnt have this issue until wow, but even stopping wow it kills my frames. Dragging browser screens lags to. Im not sure what it is. Everything has been fully updated as well. GPU is on the latest drive, I've installed every windows 7 update thrown at me.
My OS is win7 ultimate - 64bit.
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    check your video drivers ..there is a bug with nvidia right now that on some cards it slows the core speed down to save energy and the clock stays there...causing bad game play..check if the new r300 drivers work better or go back to the 29x drivers.
  2. I'll give it a shot and let you know. I remember reading about that a few days ago. I'll try one of the 29x drivers and see. Thanks :)
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  4. That fixed the problem. So far so good after nearly running the latest 29x driver. Thank you.
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