Found an unknown device on my wifi(im on wpa-psk2)

so i found an unknown generic device on my wifi thomson tg585 v7,funny thing is that it passed my psk2 encryption,no matter what code i use it always shows up in about 2-5 mins on my list of devices.i read on forums that it may be printer or smthing else which is harmless that is somewhere in my neighbours house,and its probably what it is, i tried to Mac this generics device code to find out whos the manufacturer is but no use...heres 2 screenshots of whats going on,btw whenever i try to delete this device it shows up in 2-5 mins again and its Inactive sounds like printer what u say?.too bad theres no possibility to limit my number of devices to just 1 on my Thomson menu.also forums said that i somehow can limit ip range using subnet mask so it will only see 1 ip adress but how to do this is out of my possibilities.Beast is my laptop on this screenshot,
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  1. The screenshots below show that the device you are questioning is not a WiFi device at all, it is physically plugged into your router. This is why it is constantly showing up, and connects even when you change your password.

    If you have no devices connected to your router, it is actually more than likely your modem.
  2. lets say i never had this before,well i had but that was a user stealing my net on my weak WEP encryption,he disappeared when i changed to Psk2,yesterday i had 2 unknown devices then during the night 1 disappeared.btw aint a router and a modem the same thing,i dont think that router will show itself on the list unless its a pc or a laptop or printer etc.
  3. ok i figured it out,i somehow created 2 same names on my wireless connection list so i guess it was eating up all my speed and showing as unknown device ,every time i rename my connection to the same name after i reset modem all these names saves in the list so i have Snake,snake1,snake2,snake3 but how do i delete them?
  4. No a modem and router are not the same thing. However on your device they are built into the same box. I should have looked that up before. My bad.

    I am not sure what you mean about created the same names. The device in question is something physically plugged into one of your ethernet ports.

    Where do you rename your connection after resetting the modem? On your computer? In the router's settings?
  5. i rename it in the routers webpage u can see the menu on the pics previously posted.i noticed that my net videos were lagging didnt know why checked my speed few days ago it was 0.5-2 mbps i thought this parasite was causing speed drop but now its back to normal again big question mark on this matter.i just unticked Broadcast Network Name and 3 names appeared on the connection list:Snake my recent name,Thomsonfcab6a,and Tnake i remember Tnake from way back when i was messing with the names to my connection,how do i make them disappear...if i tick Broadcast Network name back i see only 1 of my 3 connection names.also theres nothing connected to my modem/router cos im using wifi on my laptop,only dsl cable
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