MAJOR HELP NEEDED!!Window will not boot

Hi Everyone,

Long story short, I installed a Program and after restart I get a message saying" GRLDR is missing, push any key to restart". This put me into a loophole and windows wouldn't start. My HD is configured duel boot with XP and Windows 7, both on same HD, XP being the system and primary drive. After searching the web I was instructed to insert my Win7 disc to see if it can fix the restart issue. This didn't work as it went back to the same loophole. I was then instructed to use the disc and go to command and insert

bootsect.exe /nt6o ALL /force

This did not work so I used

bootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /force

This command worked but it booted into my XP OS. The duel OS prompt is gone and I have no way to get back into Win7. I know it is not deleted because I can still open the drive that the Win7 was installed on and seed everything.

ALL my program and data is on the Win7. Is there anyway to boot into it again. I am an idiot for not creating a restore point either.

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  1. Did you try bootrec.exe from the Repair Console?
  2. If the above fails a good tool is EasyBCD its free for home use too:
  3. Hi

    where did GRLDR come from ?
    It is part of a Linux boot loader (or cracked Windows)

    Now that the Windows XP boot loader is working a repair of the Windows 7 boot loader may work but backup your data before trying anything else

    You should see c:\Boot if you installed Win XP then Win 7 into the next partition


    Mike Barnes
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