Wireless adapter problem. Windows 7 64x

Hello everyone,

Last year i bought myself a Netgear N-600 Wireless Adapter and was using it on my pc without a problem. No lag in games and fast page loading. That was with a Core 2 Duo at 3.16 and 4gb of DDR3 ram. Running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64x.

Then in December i bought myself a new motherboard, a Gigabyte Z77-D3H, an Intel i5-3570k at 3.40 and 8gb of DDR3 Crucial RAM 1600. I installed it with Windows 7 Ultimate 64x and everything worked fine apart from my Netgear N-600 Wireless Adapter. Its working painfully slow and often it gets into the 'Limited connectivity' state.

So now i'm thinking, what is it that's causing this? I made sure my drivers are up to date, i tested the adapter on another computer but i still work very slow on my main. I'm sure this is not because of the changes to my hardware, as they are a definite upgrade.

Worse of all is the lag in games. I play a not-so-much-demanding mmorpg called LotRO and the lag in pvp and dungeons is so bad one second i'm standing their at full health, my screen doesn't move for 10 seconds and i'm dead. Now i know this doesn't happen normally and as i said before it worked normally until this upgrade. My recommended setting is Very High but i'm forced to play on Very Low (my graphics card is a ATI Radeon HD 5670).

Now should i just buy a new network card, whether its a build in or a usb, i don't know. If no one can think of any suggestions to fix this, at least give me some ideas as to what to use. Might be worth to mention that i also used a D-Link DWA-111 when my netgear was a pain. It worked fine without any issues, but when i insert it into a usb slot my pc doesn't see it, no where in device manager or anything, i made sure to check show all but no luck.

Sorry for the block and i thank you for reading it :)
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  1. When you installed the new Motherboard, did you re-install windows? Or did you just swap the boards/CPU's out?

    Is the location of the new computer identical to when you were using it before?
  2. I did a clean installation from cd.

    Not sure what you mean by the second point about the location.
  3. Also, im not sure whether to use the software WNDA3100v2 with it. Or should i useit straightaway. When i use it without the software, pc shows i am connected to the internet, but when i search something in chrome itll load for a minute or 2 then just stop and do nothing.
  4. You should definitely use the drivers that came on the CD.

    I apologize if this is a redundant question. But you formatted and installed a brand new version of windows, correct?
  5. Yes, formatted drive and clean installed it.
  6. After installing windows, did you hook it up to the internet with a cable and run all updates?

    Also, try going here and searching for WNDA3100V1 or WNDA3100V2 (depending on which you have. It should be printed on the bottom of the adapter) and downloading the most recent version of the drivers and install them instead of the ones on the CD.
  7. Yes, its all up to date and ill try downloading the WNDA3100v2, thanks for the help.
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