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How difficult is it to mod a G4 case to hold an ATX motherboard, like, oh I don't know, an Asus A7N8X deluxe? According to the Apple site, G4 cases can hold up to four 5.25" peripherals (I guess using an adapter to hold 3.5" drives, or it may hold the drives at the bottom, I can't really tell from the picture), and five expansion slots on the back. However, it looks like the G4 motherboard is a mirrored image of an ATX motherboard. I read in THG that people have managed this before. How difficult is it, and where can I get a G4 case anywho?
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  1. The only one I have seen they used an mATX board. Not only did they have to find the exact right board, they had to move capacitors on the board in order for it to fit. I have wanted to do it but it looks like more than I want to get into.


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  2. <A HREF="" target="_new">The Rotten Apple</A>

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  3. I think putting the refrigerator light into the case is a great idea.
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  5. So basically, it can't be done with a full ATX motherboard, as it looks like from the pics. And not only that, but you can't use the new G4 cases with the grey hue, because the PCI slots are on the top of the case, not the bottom. Shucks. I was really hoping to get something like that. Oh well, back to Lian Li.
  6. Actually they screwed up a little. I mean, modifying the back panel for sound wouldn't be too hard. Neither would moving the CD-ROM up a bay, I don't think.

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