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Please help me as I have a WIN 7 Ultimate 64 bit system that I just added a 64GB SATA SSD for my primary Hard Drive, & a 320GB Western Digital SATA for a storage Hard Drive. The question is the 64GB SATA SSD shows up in my computer, but the 320GB SATA don't can you tell me why and how to fix it so that it does. Thankyou very much. Wayne Potter
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  1. Hi,

    Walk through the following and you should have your drive:

    Start --> Type and select "Computer Management" --> Select Disk Management on the left --> Find the drive on there --> Right Click it and select "Assign Drive Letter and paths" --> Give it a Drive letter that is not in use --> It should now register.

    If this does not fix the issue, check to make sure that it is enabled in the BIOS

  2. did you partition and format the secondary hard disk? if you did not then that is why it is not assigned a drive letter.
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