Missing/Incorrect Drivers?

My laptop got messed up about a month ago and after around 5 hours with Dell tech support, they determined that the only solution was to wipe my computer and start over from scratch.

So I lost everything on my hard drive and Dell tech support was supposed to help me install the drivers I needed. After around 15 hours spanning over 3 days, we could not get the video card drivers to install properly. It was initially installing but my cat walked on my computer and hit the power button, shutting it off midway through the installation, which may have caused the problem.

On my own, I went to the Dell website and tried to redownload and install the driver, which seemed to work. I was then able to play games that I wasn't even able to open before.

However, there are a few problems:
-The computer is getting VERY hot. Much hotter than it ever has before. I cannot keep it on my lap because it burns my legs.
-Occasionally the computer will just randomly shut off in the middle of a game (possibly overheating?)
-Occasionally in the middle of a game or video, the screen will turn all one color (pale green for example) and part of it will flash a different color. It remains this way until I restart.

I'm not sure what the problem is, or how to fix it, but I'm tired of talking with Dell support and I was wondering if there was any way to figure out what the problem is.

Thanks in advance

*Edit* There's also an error message that pops up every time I start or shut down my computer. I'm not sure what it is right now but I'll post it when I see it again.
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  1. Definitly sounds like an overheating issue to me, as you're getting video artifacts as well as what seems like thermal shutdown

    Have you checked your temps in one of the many software programs out there (ie. Coretemp, CPU-Z which gives you both GPU and CPU temps or MSI Afterburner for GPU) to confirm it's a heat issue?

    Also if you are capable, try opening up the Laptop and make sure the heatsinks are making full contact and are not loose.
  2. How do I check the heatsinks? I'm able to open the laptop easily enough.
  3. This is the error message:

    I'll look into the software to check temperature too.
  4. Hi Nick,

    I am from the Dell social media outreach team. Please tell me when you contacted Dell technical support few weeks ago what was the original issue.

    *What is the model of the system?
    *We can try updating the BIOS.
    *We can run Dell Diagnostics.

    Please check the system warranty in the below link:


    ***** Kindly do not post any personal Identification on the post *******
    You can Private message me the service tag, phone # with address.

    Thank you,
    Certified Dell Community Professional.
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