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missing ntldr booting from floppy

Last response: in Windows 2000/NT
April 12, 2002 10:45:05 PM

Hi all
Friend of mine trying to do i bios update, running win2k, was having probs so I sent him a boot floppy with the required files etc (works fine on my stsem- same board, also win2k) but got missing ntldr when trying to boot from floppy- this was the problem before I tried to help, has anyone any suggestions?


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April 13, 2002 5:36:26 PM

Boot from Win2K CD and choose repair the installation (or something like that I don't remember exactly). It will provide a command line and you can use the 'mbr' or 'fdisk /mbr' commands to fix the mbr.
April 13, 2002 9:05:38 PM

Yes, use that^ advice, and actually I think there's a 'fixmbr' command.
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April 14, 2002 4:08:49 AM

He's getting the error "Missing NTLDR" when trying to boot from a floppy? Is the FDD set up correctly in the BIOS? Does the FDD work OK?
April 14, 2002 5:10:08 AM

I'm not sure, but have you done a search at the Microsoft Support center? Do a search under the search topic of Windows 2000 (duh!), and type in "missing NTLDR" for a search. Check out the links assocated with the results page, to see if any of 'em might help.

Good luck - to your friend, especially

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April 14, 2002 5:54:28 AM

Yes thank you postalboo, it's actually 'fixmbr'. I had forgotten it!
April 15, 2002 9:28:42 AM

thanks all, fixed it in the end!

turned out that because the file system is ntfs, a "normal" boot disk wont work rifht, got the drdos boot disk from and worked fine. odd really tho, coz the boot disk i went him works fine on mine (also ntfs) !

If they squeeze olives to get olive oil, how do they get baby oil?