Can`t install windows 7, grub error 17, setup was unable to create a new system.

Hello tech gurus,

I have a problem with my hp 4530s.
When I bought my laptop, it was running on Suse Linux, it could not connect to internet and other stuff, so I wanted to install windows 7.

I had problems with USB boot. Then I burned windows files into dvd. But now it stops at error - setup was unable to create a new system partition.... you know the rest.

I deleted all partitians, same problem. But now I have the gryb error 17 too. All those boot with dvd doesn`t work, boot.exe /fixmbr and other commands shows me errors too. I have all the errors, hahaha. But I need your help very very much. I searched google for about 12h at least, no results.

Now I don`t have any OS on my laptop, just errors
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    you dont have to delete any partitions prior to installing windows. simply boot off the windows cd and start the installation from there. it will even clobber the grub bootloader and install the ntloader instead. Please keep in mind you cannot simply burn windows files onto a dvd. you must burn the iso as an image to the cd. that is probably why you are not able to boot from it.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I deleted partitions because I wanted to get rid of Linux. Linux did not open any cd files so on so on. Just made me crazy. Never had worked with Linux before.

    Well, it is booting from USB and cd rom, it is quite interesting. I don`t have any options in bios like selecting to boot windows from cd. It`s just USB cd rom, USB floppy, USB hard drive, then comes just hard drive.

    When installing I get till choosing a partition where you want to install the windows. And when I do, I press next and the error occurs. That it was unable to create and find partition.
  3. Hi teizejs

    Some linux boot sectors can make a Windows boot disk crash. (any version of Windows)

    you may need a linux boot CD such as parted magic to wipe the partition cylinder, Master Boot Record or even the whole hard disk
    (though this is not necessary)

    How did you create your Windows 7 DVD ?
    'Then I burned windows files into dvd' does not make much sense.

    If you have a legal image of Windows 7 with extension .ISO use ImgBurn to create a Windows 7 DVD.

    best of luck

    Mike Barnes
  4. Sounds like you didn't burn your disc as a bootable image.
  5. Use Image Burn and burn it to a DVD. Its free and very good.
  6. Thank you all for the help!

    I managed to install somehow :D I burned in to DVD .iso file, then I changed from IDE to the other option, which wasn`t SATA. Then I did some kind of stuff in BIOS. It took couple minutes to make my pc BOOT from DVD, DVD-ROM didn`t run at the beginning. When it did, everything went great.
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  8. I had a raid controller and even though it had no drives attached it was the cause of the problem. I did all the Partdisk things, but I am sure that would not be needed. Just disconnect any extra drives/external controllers you may have.
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