audigy 2 plat driver update/install problems

i tried updating my drivers from creative's site, i used the auto installer, then at some point after it installed some of the updates it froze up, i rebooted, then i tried udating again. this time the auto installer just downloads the files but does not run them, i tried manually downloading and running but still no luck. what happened why cant i execute the updates?

i am using win xp, anyone know of this issue?

sys info:
a7n8x deluxe
aiw 9700pro
sb audigy 2 platinum
win xp sp1

edit: i even tried uninstalling all drivers before running the updates, still no luck
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  1. I have a problem as well. I install the drivers from the CD. When I try to auto-update it says "Some components are corrupted". Card is working fine, I just cant auto-update. I dont want to manually install. :(

    Pentium 4 2g
    Asus P4T-E MB
    512 PC800 Rambus
    ATI 9700 Pro
    Linksys 10/100 network card
    SB Audigy 2
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