Realtek audio driver for windows 8 for 945gc

please enlist the graphics drivers for windows 8 for 945gc intel chipset.
THANK YOU!! :hello: :hello: :hello:
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  1. You should seek the drivers supplied by your motherboard manufacturer.
  2. i tried searching it on intel's site..
    but no gain! :(
  3. Who made your motherboard? What model is it?
  4. Drivers most likely dont exist. Intel didnt even make windows 7 drivers for that chipset, so win 8 drivers are probably out of the question.
  5. then where i am supposed to get e'm unofficially??
  6. Again, who made your motherboard? What model is it??
  7. You dont. If your lucky windows may have a generic driver that works(try windows update). But even the OEMs that use Intel chipsets get the drivers from intel they dont make their own(however some do make modifications). The hardware is just too old for the newer operating systems.
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