Problem with Audigy 2 and USB modem

I am using an Audigy2 card running under Windows 2000. The card installed fine and performs very well. I updated all the drivers.

Recently, I installed a USB modem (I am using the onboard USB ports which are version 1.1). I previously had an internal PCI modem. The internal modem worked fine, but I needed an extra PCI slot.

Now, whenever I use the USB modem I hear occassional pops. They are not loud but they are definitely there. They were not there when I was using the internal modem. It's not so bad on regular CD's, but pretty noticeable
on DVD audio. Obviously they are related to the USB modem since they only occur when I am online. Any ideas what would cause this?


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  1. Your USB modem is still a so called Soft or Win modem i.e. a modem that uses some of your CPU power and resources to be able to do its deed (and normally has only drivers for Windows hence it's called a Winmodem). I have an Audigy and a Rockwell HCF internal soft modem and whenever I dial, all the sounds and almost all the other parts of the PC freeze (for the duration of dialling, it goes back to normal right after dialling the last digit) except for CD audio (and it's not the Audigy, my old Yamaha did the same).

    Don't think that because your modem is an external one it can't be a soft modem. Almost all USB modems are soft modems. But NO external modems connected to the serial port are soft modems. I'd say buy a proper external (i.e. one that connects to your serial ports).
  2. Thanks for the reply. I figured it was hardware related. Is that possibly why I did not have the problem with the internal PCI modem (that the modem card firmware was taking some of the load off the the CPU)?

    Serial modems are still a little pricey. I was thinking of trying an internal ISA modem (the company has updated firmware and Win 2K drivers available). Maybe that would solve the problem.


  3. Two types of modems can never be soft ones:

    1. internal ISA modems
    2. external serial modems

    These are your best bets probably. I was thinking that could this be solved by changing the USB port you're using? (silly I know but short of getting another one...) Also, is there an IRQ conflict/sharing between your USB subsystem and the Audigy2? Check this out and if so, change the Audigy2 to another PCI slot and see if it's solved. If then it broke all hell loose, change it right back ;-) Seriously, I think your best bet would be to change the modem (what I'm going to do myself pretty soon actually; Anybody knows if DLink serial modems are any good?)
  4. Sounds like the modem is balking the system, preventing the audigy from keeping it's queue from emptying.

    If you go into REGEDIT and path your way into:


    You will probably find the Win32PrioritySeparation value is set to 2. Edit it and set it's value to 1

    0 == Favour background tasks
    1 == no favoritism
    2 == favor forground tasks

    Drivers are background tasks.

    Note, please, that once you do this you won't be able to use the system performance properties setting without resetting it to either 0 or 2. The 1 value can only be set through regedit. (why, I will never know...)

    Another trick you can use to help drivers along is to go to:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

    And set the DisablePagingExecutive value to 1.

    This will prevent windows from swapping out drivers and other core components, which it decides to do at the most downright strange times.

    Hope this helps...

    <b>(</b>It ain't better if it don't work.<b>)</b>
  5. Thanks to everyone for replying. I borrowed an external modem and hooked it up as a test. That immediately solved the problem - so the soft modem was the problem.

    Thanks again.

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