Internet works on this computer, Not my desktop!

Please Please Please Help! So, yesterday Im on my desktop build, and I go to download a youtube video downloader. I google what the best one is, found a site that looked legit with a giant post on youtube video downloaders with a list of the top 10. I go to get #1, I download it, says to close internet browser during the download. Closed internet browser. Finishes installation, open internet browser. Boom. internet doesnt work. It works on this computer, just not that one. It says it has 100% connection on the desktop and everything. I tried disabling WEP Security, and tried WEP2 for my router. Still nothing. Tried some CMD Command i saw on another post, it was like netsh winsock reset catalog. Anyway, PLEASE help. I have no flashdrive either, so if you ask for screens or to copy paste a log, i cant unless I just type the whole log. Thanks, and PLEASE PLEASE Help! If needed, I will reinstall an OS... I guess.
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  1. You are not at a "need to reinstall" point yet.

    The first thing that I would try is to restore your machine to an earlier point (before the install) using the Windows backup and restore control panel.

    And don't start changing your wireless security, that is not the problem, so reset it to where it was, although WPA2 is best to use.

    You can reset your computer networking items with the network shell (netsh) but do everything in a systematic manner and understand what you are doing before you do it so you know what to do next.
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