Burning Audio CD. PROBLEM!!

I was using my Samsung 48x24x48x IDE CDRW Drive for burning a audio CD. But I was curious that the first and second song were with the poor quality (very noisy), but the rest of song were OK! Anyone facing the same problem before, can assist me how to prevent for burning the poor quality of audio CD.
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  1. You can try burning CD at a lower speed.
  2. Thanks for your respond. I did to try to burn the audio CD with only 4x burning speed, but was still the same problem. Could be the software problem ?????
  3. What burning software did you use? Can you try another software?
  4. I used NERO software for burning the CD. Any comment about NERO program. Or else any recommended software for me to use.
  5. Using Nero - under Edit > Preferences you can set a filter (i forget the name) that will level all of the songs you want to burn to a common mean volume. Careful not to set this too high. I usually set it at 25%, which seems low I know - but it works for me. You might want to try burning a test CD to see what level works for you. This is a great feature for Nero because you can make compilation's where all of the songs are set at roughly the same volume.
  6. Maybe try some different media.

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