Need Advice on A video editing workstation(P.S. It's your money)

I have recently acquired a DELL Precision T7400 PC running windows 7 and the Adobe CS5 Suite from a coworker. My issue is rendering time... It takes a great deal of time to render a video and sometimes crashes. Can someone out there tell me what memory would be enough to render the video more smoothly? I could definitely use an upgrade to the memory that is in the system which is right now at 4GB (4 – 1GB PC2-5300F Fully buffered ECC DDR2-667 M395T2863QZ4-CE65). The motherboard is expandable to 64GB. I am also looking to upgrade my video card... Any suggestions would be helpful! Thank you
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  1. First I would use the performance monitor in Task Manager to see how your system is coping on 4Gb, should give you a clue as to how much more you might need. Don't see in the Dell specs what HDD you have, I would use an SSD to run the Operating System and CS5... As for graphics there seems to be a wide range of GPUs available for the T7400, which one do you have? Use a comparison Chart to see where yours fits in and look for a better one in your price range...
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