Have to connect to ntwrok first 2 be able to access internet over Wifi

hey,how are you.
ok so here is the problem,i'm here at mt parents place and they just installed new wife router on the place of old broadband one.
but the person who installed it did setup in that way that,
if want to connect with the internet
First i have to connect with home network
and then connect to internet via Dial up-VPN option at network sharing center on windows 7.

now the thing is i can't connect my phone with my home network,coz the only option i get in my phone is the network connection which i'm able to do but for internet i have to use vpn so i'm only able to connect with network but not with internet.

so can you please help me with
1) me being able to connect my iphone with my home wifi to access internet
2) and or reconfigure modem or network setting so i can directly connect to wifi via wifi opting on bottom right and not to connect with network first.

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  1. Depending on the router, you may be able to create a guest network, so take a look at the manual to see.

    There may be a good reason the way that it is set up so I would not change anything else until you figure that out.
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