i need some sudjestions help

does anyone know some new sweet technologys fresh out or comming ourt soo i cant decide what to make my report on at school i want to make it somthing that not alot of people have herd about or somthing that alot of people havenot seen much of can some one please help me out with a few sudgestions the only rulles are that it has to be new technology HELP HELP
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  1. Here are my suggestions:
    .- Serial ATA is something new that´s coming strong.
    .- P4´s hyper threading might also be interesting, but it could get TOO technical.
    .- pay-per-view software decoders for PC TV-tunners have been around for quite a while, but most people don´t know that.
  2. How about something really old?

    Holographic storage technology. It has been around for many years, but various issues keep it from becoming mainstream.

    Basically, it is the use of lazers in a crystaline medium to store data at the intersection of two or more lazers. It is basically limitless storage space, based on how well you can make the lazers. It is invulnerable to EMPs, so it has particular military uses. However, it is very sensitive to vibrations. They are also very big units (usually the size of a large desk). They are also bloody expensive.

    Search for holographic storage on google, and you should get a lot of stuff there. Good luck.

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