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I just changed ISP, so my set up changed. now i've got a thomson TG789vn connected via DSL acting as AP for a wifi network
essid XXXX. I also got another router which i want to connect to the thomson so i can have a second wifi network essid YYYY so i can run some security penetration tests.
i connected the second router (TPlink TL-WR741N) to the thomson via ethernet cable from WAN port to thomson's ethernet port 1. the TPlink is broadcasting YYYY network but it doesn't have internet access (i can connect to it but cannot surf web or else), though XXXX network is working properly.
i've looked this on this forum and others, but all i get is bridging or stuff like that, as i understand, this is not bridging, is it?
Is what i want to do possible? if so, how?
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    try changing the LAN IP of the TPLink to

    you current LAN IP might be of the same IP scheme than the WAN IP
  2. thanks! the ip of the routers was and so i didnt think that the problem was the IPs.
    it was so simple, thank you.
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