Favourite solos, any instrument

Hi Guys,

I'm interested to know what your favourite solos are.

Post some links to some good solos and let us listento them. :)

Some I like:

Octavarium keyboard solo:


Highway star (1:55 - 3:05 and 3:43 - 5:05)


and of course Sultans of swing!!!


And so many, many, many more....
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  1. my all time favorite

    Marty Friedman - Stigmata Addiction at 5:30 to 6:19 .....always sends shivers down my spine :D

    Sails of Charon at 00:42 to 1:25 .....just EPIC!

    Tony McAlpine - Autumn Lords 1:20 to 2:24 awesome mastery of the keyboard and guitar
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