Windows 7 and MAC OSX welcome screen?


Is there a way when you turn on your MAC to have a welcome screen that allows you to choose between MAC OSX or Windows 7 ?

My friend has a mac book pro as well as windows 7 boot camp.
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  1. Hold down the Option key as the Mac boots.
  2. ijack is correct :) (as always), another way would be to load a third party program called rEFIt, this will automatically load up a screen where you choose without holding down the option button. (add: The Program does a ton more than allow you a menu before OS boot, but if that's what your looking for it does that too.
  3. can you explain that how it works?
  4. When you turn your computer on, if you have Windows and OS X installed, it will prompt you to pick between OS X and Windows
  5. how?
  6. Just try it and see!

    (Hint - You'll be presented with icons for each bootable volume - you click on the one that you want to use.)
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