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I've been running into several problem ever since I installed Windows 7. The latest problem, under devices the computer icon displys a warning sign. The trouble shooting indicates "unable to locate a driver for the PCI Simple Communications Drive.I have 1 PCI Expess x 1, 4 SATAII. Prior to Windows 7 I never had a problem. Does anyone have a solution?
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  1. Sounds like a Windows modem. I'm guessing you don't need it, so you can ignore the error.
  2. Thank you for the advice. I didn't see any adverse effects on my computer. I was just bewildered by the warning. Thanks again for putting my mind at ease.
  3. Tom,
    Thank you for the follow up regarding PCI Simple Communications Drive. It sounds as if ijack may have had the best advice. Just ignore it. I did try to download Driver Fetch and during the download their software would not go beyond the the recovery point. My computer remained at that point. On their behalf, I will say they agreed to credit my account, since I uninstalled their software. I have had some minor quirks ever since I switched to Windows 7 and I still think some of my problems are related to drivers.
  4. Doing more research on PCI Simple Communications Drive. I contacted Intel.com and explained my problem. Previously I had Vista and I now have Windows 7. The motherboard DG965SS is not compatible with Windows 7. Intel does not and they don't intend to do an upgrade for this motherboard. Two solutions if you have another operating system and it's working, stay away from Windows 7. I wish I had known, prior to installing windows 7, the repercussions it would cause. As time goes on I find more problems than benefits with windows 7. I do have one question if someone can tell me if changing back to Vista will increase my problems or will I again have a computer with minimal problems? The second solution is to look up Intel's web site for a compatible motherboard.
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