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i am new to dual channel memory, and i had just a quick question before buying memory for a Dual Channel setup.
would i be able to have a 512mb DDR 3200 stick in one slot and a 256mb DDR 3200 in the other? or do i have to get both of the same (256mb x 2 or 512mb x 2)?

so if i had the 512mb + 256mb = 768mb total, would it still work as dual channel?
I am getting an ASUS A7N8X motherboard (nforce2) so i would like to take advantage of the dual channel.
also, does Micron and Samsung make good memory? i was looking at their 512mb and 256mb DDR 3200 sticks (CL2.5).
thanks for any help!
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  1. I think the SiS and nForce2 chipsets allow for different sizes, this would however be less than ideal because when one stick was full and the other half full it would probably have to switch to single channel mode? At any rate it would put more overhead on the memory controller and might negate any performance lead.

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