Please share your thoughts on this case

I got many useful replies to my last post about cases, thanks to everyone who responded.

I have been browsing around and have finally found a case I like alot based on looks and price.

However, my concern is that I have never heard of this manufacturer until I found this website so I would like some opinions.

The system to be installed in the case is:

P4 2,53 ghz
Gigabyte 8SQ800 motherboard
2 x 256 DDR433 ram
Gigabyte radeon 9700 pro
Seagate 120gb, 7200rpm, 8mb cache
Some DVD/CDRW combo

Any bad experiences with this case?

Also, what power supply would I need for the system, I think I'll go with antec but don't know how powerful I need.

Best regards,
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  1. Did you ever read the Tom's Hardware Guide review on cases? The one you linked to LOOKS nice, but it's really hard to say without seeing a review...

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  2. If the case looks decent inside and nice outside, I don't see any problem getting it. As for the PSU, go for one that's at least 350w.
  3. What good are opinions? We need to know what you want out of your case. Weight? Size? Expandability? Ease of use? Window? Looks? Fans? There are a million factors.

    Personally, this is my baby:

    but I'm a fanatic. It may not be for you. Spend time searching the net for reviews on your case, and see what some actual users thought. I have found that these reviews have never steered me wrong. These are actual people, not salesmen, and not pictures on a box.

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  4. It's a typical thin, inexpensive case. I don't know of any problems with it, I'm fairly certain the last one I got from the same manufacturer had rolled edges and so forth. You have to be VERY CAREFULL not to dent them if you move them around, but they will do the job of housing your components.

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