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I currently have an old and small hard drive and want to upgrade it, getting a new one very soon. I'm also buying windows 7 to upgrade from Vista. Do i get the upgrade edition or the full edition as I am replacing the hard drive with all the windows vista data on it? Just wondering so I don't make the wrong purchase.
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  1. Hello Infitie;

    You qualify for the less expensive upgrade version.

    Is this for a laptop with just 1 HDD?
  2. No desktop with 1 HDD
  3. Won't be a problem then.
    Do a Custom (Advanced) installation and choose the new HDD as your target.
    The install will be aware you qualify for the upgrade.
  4. If you don't want to install Vista on the new drive, then upgarde, you can use one of these methods to do a clean install using the upgrade disk. Option 4 - double installing works best for me.

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