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Hey guys, today my computer simply stopped connecting to the internet. When I go to my wireless network manager it says it can't identify the network. It's never done this before, and I can't imagine why it would now as I haven't installed any new software since I was using it just fine yesterday. I'm using a D-Link DWA-110 wireless adapter. It seems to connect just fine and when I open the D-Link wireless manager it says I am connected, but when I open the windows network manager it says it's identifying the network and, after a while, says it's connected to an unidentified network. I don't have any internet access, I'm typing this from a different computer I have. I would scan to see if it was a virus or malware messing up my comp. but I don't want to do that with my antivirus or antimalware un-updated.

Edit: It just started working again. I have no idea why, but now I am running the scans so we'll see if that was the problem. Consider this question answered unless someone else has experienced a similar problem and knows exactly what the solution is, thanks.
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  1. Set your netmask to, your default gateway to your own ip as well for your primary dns server.
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