Windows 7 loses display at startup

i just nstalled windows 7 64 bit ultimate on a custom build. i have video at the start then with the windows circle spinning the video just goes to black. the system works good in safemode. any help? thank you in advance
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  1. Hi

    What graphics ? integrated or PCI E add in ?

    Have you installed a driver for the Graphics chip yet ? (give details)

    What sort of screen do you have ?

    If LCD screen is not recognised and driven at too high a frequency this could occur


    Mike Barnes
  2. Thanks for the help!

    I have installed the disk that came with the video card. it is a geforce gtx 460. i have a q22 viewsonic screen
  3. Try ro reset the bios ,also , boot in safemode , if it boots the driver is the problem
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