power supply damaged?

No boot, no nothing. Only the fans run when I power up. I tried this 350w in another pc using a 250w and it works. If not the power supply then what? I also installed new motherboard. All of this after I flased bios. No boot now. Is processor damaged? Thanks for assistance in advance.
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  1. Bad Flash... it happens.

    If you can't get it to POST or boot to floppy so you can re-flash it, the motherboard will have to go back to the factory to be repaired.

    I have a simple BIOS rule... NEVER flash unless it's necessary to fix a problem.

    <b>(</b>It ain't better if it don't work.<b>)</b>
  2. well as it started happening right after the flash then i too would have to conclude that its a bad flash you experienced. unfortunate but true :(

    I hate flashing things... allways get that antsy feeling in my stomach.

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  3. I agree. It is very hard to fix a bad flash.
  4. Unless its an ancient MB you should be able to call the MB manufacturer and have them ship you a new flash chip for around $15. I buddy of mine gave me an ABIT board he fried the flash on, so I called ABIT and they shipped me out a new flash chip right away. Popped it in and all was fine again. There shouldn't be a need to send the entire board back.

  5. ... provided the BIOS chip isn't soldered in. Some are.

    <b>(</b>It ain't better if it don't work.<b>)</b>
  6. Yeah, thats pretty much why I said if it't not ancient. Most newer MB's (PII and up) are socket flash, not soldered.
  7. Yeah...if it ain't broke, don't break it.

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  8. I would suspect a bad flash first. Which mobo do you have? A lot of companies built in some kind of boot-block inside the BIOS that can't be changed and allows you to automatically flash the BIOS with a floppy with the right BIOS file and some other files, check the manufactuers website for instructions.

    Oh, and also try resetting the BIOS.

    My dual-PSU PC is so powerfull that the neighbourhood dims when I turn it on :eek:
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