Is there a Windows 7 program to do a Multiboot

Another dumb question!

Is there a multiboot program that works with Windows 7?

From a dummy that has never multi booted before.. :o
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  1. If you are running all windows OS's, then you need nothing. Installling another windows OS will update the boot loader so that you can chose which OS to boot from. Just be sure to install the OS's from oldest to newest.
  2. Hawkeye22 said:
    If you are running all windows OS's, then you need nothing. Installling another windows OS will update the boot loader so that you can chose which OS to boot from. Just be sure to install the OS's from oldest to newest.

    You may remember my from one of my earlier posts that you've replied to. I want to use XP Pro, Windows 7, and maybe add Linux OS's, down the line (in a few months). I hope you can understand this I have to jump around a little.

    (Ironically if the XP Pro install does not work or I can't use any of my CAD Programs I will need to wipe the drive and abandon XP Pro on this PC)

    My CAD programs and drawings are probably the only things to keep me from abandoning the use of XP Pro altogether. I will have to move XP Pro from my old computers IDE to a SATA HDD to use it with this faster PC.

    Which of the methods shown is better? To copy, clone, or Image a drive from an IDE To SATA Drives.
    (There is also a sys,restore partition on the IDE) (is it need for XP Pro restore points?)

    Your saying above to install XP Pro before Windows 7 because XP Pro is older. (I get this part and I can understand why, XP Pro is not forward compatable)

    (After its installed below)
    By choice I want to put XP Pro OS on a partition (XP1) on one of my HDD's.
    By Default I believe windows xp will assign this drive letter C:/ and Drive 0.. (This is the SATA Drive shown above) (with 2 partitions OS & SRP)

    (My head gets a little screwed up since I only have a 128 GB SSD I need to know, how to use it to my best advantage) (as probably only one OS will work on it)

    I made the mistake of installing windows 7 on this PC and now I need to do a clean install to fix a problem as per Intel's instructions.

    (So this gives me the chance to correct my whole system)

    Can I just wipe of my existing SSD and HDD there by deleting Window 7 from the PC? (Both have Windows 7 files on them and nothing more)
    In other words I want the PC to think that windows 7 OS was never installed.
    (this is the part that needs to work)

    Ok, I think this is where I need to get my head squared away. if I can do all of the above.

    I should now install the XP Pro OS. and make sure the computer will boot and the components work. By default this drive becomes C:/ above)

    After all of the above is complete it's time to install Windows 7 OS.
    (I'm not sure if I should use custom or normal install here?)
    By choice I'm installing it on the SSD for speed. By Default this will be drive 1 (the total drive is 128 GB and I don't know if I should partition the drive or it will be automatic for the OS & SRP)

    Install the second HDD: By default wiindows will assign it to be Drive 2
    This HDD should be assigned three partitions for temporary use prior to installing for Backup,Programs,shared or Linux.

    I'm not sure if this makes sense to you, I just coverd the IDE conversion and its use to install XP Pro. Prior to the XP Pro install, the Windows 7 disks get wiped. Then Windows 7 gets installed onto the SSD.. Prior to the wipe above I'll partition and backup all to the third HDD There are two system reserved partitons that need to be set (one on XP PRO disk and one on Windows 7) Any additional partitions and program or file moves can happen later.

    Please evaluate
  3. You may not be able to clone XP from an IDE to SATA then use it in a new system. When moving to a new system, a clean install is best since your old version of XP won't have the necessary drivers for the new system.

    You should be able to do a custom install of win 7 after simply formatting the partition you currently have windows 7 on. Windows creates it's own SRP if needed so you don't need to create this partition.

    The only thing throwing me off is I've never multi-booted with linux. Linux may need to provide it's own boot loader. I also don't know if linux needs installed before or after the windows OS's. Hopefully some of our linux gurus can jump in.
  4. Hawkeye22,

    I'm really confused, how do I do a clean install of Windows XP Pro onto a HDD and do I clean install of Windows 7 onto a SSD without confusing me and the computer.

    You didn't say it but I guess there is not way to get my cad programs off of the IDE drive even if I can get the above to work.

    I just banch the Linux for now.
  5. With a clean install, all software and drivers need reinstalled. Disconnect all drives except the one you want to put XP on. Change the boot order in the bios so that CD/DVD is first and hard drive is second. Insert the XP cd and boot from it. Make sure you have your SATA driver disk on floppy as XP does not have native sata drivers. You'll need to use F6 during the install to add 3rd party (sata) drivers.

    After installing XP and making sure it works, connect the SSD. Insert the windows 7 DVD and boot from it. Continue the win 7 install. When finished you should have a multiboot menu and both OS's running.

    After both OS's are installed, you can reconnect any remaing drives you may have. Make sure you have the necessary drivers habdy for each OS before starting. Also backup any data you don't want to lose before starting.
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