I can't delete these folders?

Well, I've searched through google, and mainly any other search-engine, but it won't let met delete these files on my desktop, First it will say "You'll need to provide Administrator permissions to delete this folder, "Name Of Folder", and it will say continue skip, and cancel. Here's a picture:

And then I'll click continue, and this will pop up:

then i'll click try again, again, and again, the message will stay open, and won't delete the folder selected, I've even tried using Command Prompt to delete them, and it doesn't, is there any solutions to this problem? Any help will be appreciated..
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  1. Does your account you're logged in with have admin rights? If so you man need to take ownership of the folder.
  2. Some of the files inside the folder may be in use, which blocks them from being deleted.
    It's possible the folder is the quarantine zone for a virus scanner or something.

    If you are sure you want to delete it, boot into safe mode and try it there.
  3. In order to take ownership of the folder you will need to right click on the folder and go to properties. From there select the Security tab and go to the owner tab and click edit. From there you can choose yourself as the owner of the folder.
  4. When you are feeling lazy(or other options dont work), this seems to work every time.

  5. if everything fails even safe mode , boot ur system using a bootable linux disk. From within linux environment access the drive and delete the folder. Few yrs back i use to do this with win xp. Yet to check this method with win7. With this method u can even delete any stub-born windows partition
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