Confused about DDR

Namely Dual DDR, are these special modules or normal DDR modules?

Do they have to be set in pairs and if so if I install 2x512MB Ram will I have 512 or 1024MB of available Ram?

The hardware scene seams allot more complicated now then in the PII/440BX days, but then again maybe not...

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  1. This is how i understand it. To get dual channel DDR to work you need a motherboard with a chipset like nforce 2 that supports it. Then you need 2 standard DDR memory modules of the same type and size. Put those in and you get extra bandwith. If you installed 2 512mb ddr in Dual mode you should get 1024mb. I may be wrong though?
  2. You're right. And besides nforce 2, Intel E7205 and SiS 655 also support dual channel DDR.
  3. all catch phrases really :)

    The simple way of explaining Dual DDR is just how the memory is accessed, instead of all the Ram being in One channel with like 3 or 4 slots (or memory banks) what they have done is basically split it in 2's (channels) of 2 slot or banks each. Now the way information is transfered and accessed is a bit differnt and faster. That is a very butchered and basic way of looking at it :)

    Rambus Ram actually did ths first.
  4. No, the Pentium 1 usually used Dual Channel 72-pin SIMM memory. The 386 usually used Dual Channel 30-pin SIMM memory.

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  5. well if you want to go that far back :)

    I just meant in this present time of technology ;-)

    That brings me back to my first PC..a 286 with a whopping 1 meg of ram :) 6Mhz that jumped to 12 when you pressed the "turbo" button.
  6. So if I install 3x256 DDR333, then will two work wih dual channels and one work with single, or are all three are working as single rams? Installing 3 Dimm's will not make the dual channel work?? Thanks
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