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EQ-ing my bass in logic audio?

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February 10, 2005 3:46:46 PM

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hi there,
i wonder if any of u guys could give me any tips to help me get my bass
sound to sit in my mixes better at my studio,
i'm using a vitage bass, not a wonderful bass i know, but i'm also looking
into a new warwick bass, but as it is i'll need some help help please if u

i am using logic audio 5.5 on my pc, i record it straight in using my TL
audio 5051 , i cant find any good sounds really that sound fat and warm
using this, plus while in the mixer window, i dont really know of which eq's
i should use to fatten things up and which setting within these eq's.
ive not recorded an awful lot of bass as i'm sure u can tell, hahaha, so any
help here would be most welcome, thanx

so much 4 your time guys.
davey woodford.

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February 10, 2005 3:46:47 PM

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> help me get my bass sound to sit in my mixes better <

You need to be very careful using EQ on a bass. Unless you have very
accurate monitoring you're more likely to screw it up than improve the
sound. If you must use EQ I suggest you stick with simple shelving boost and
cut, where all you vary is the turnover frequency and amount of boost or
cut. As soon as you start fiddling with a parametric EQ to adjust narrow
frequency ranges, you'll be EQ'ing your room instead of the track.