PC2700 CL2 vs PC3200 CL2.5

If I don't overclock, which should I use?

the PC3200 also has Winbond chips which are supposed to be good..

The price doesn't matter..
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  1. The bandwidth difference between the two is only reliant upon how well your chipset utilizes the RAM. So I guess my question is what mobo/chipset are you using?

  2. Hi! Thanks for the answer!

    I'm using a MSI SiS 655 board:

    Notice that I don't plan on overclocking!!
  3. I dont think overclocking should be your deciding factor on the choice of what RAM to use in this situation. One of the selling features of this board is that it's dual channel capable using PC3200. That being said if its in your budget then I would say go for the PC3200 as it would probably last you longer if your one of those people who upgrade alot, and the pure fact that this board smokes with that ram installed :) I'm waiting for that board to be shipped to me and I ordered pc3200 ram to go with it. Its a real fast board when you use it in combination with the pc3200 ram.

    But as always its the money that talks. I would go for the pc3200 personally but thats just me but if your short on cash pc2700 is also nice...

    decisions :)
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