Crucial PC2700 512MB for Asus A7N8X

This is general information for those enthusiasts who have purchased or plan to purchase Crucial 512MB DDR modules for dual DDR Asus mobos.

Until a few days ago Crucial listed p/n CT6464Z335 as their 100% compatible 512MB PC2700 product for the dual DDR nForce2 board offerings from Asus. I had already ordered several for myself and a number of customers and was set to order or recommend additional purchases of this item when I found that it had been removed from Crucial's compatibility list for those boards.

Apparently there is some difficulty re some of the boards and this Crucial part.

The issue is being addressed. E-mail me directly for the text of my online conversation with their web based tech help person.

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  1. Hmm, well wonder if its Nforce related? I ahve the A7V333-X/L (KT333) and I run this stick at the fastest timings other than 1t is set to auto.

    Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
  2. Yes, there probably is some aspect of the way that the nForce chipset handles the dual DDR functions that needs to be tweaked a little in order to accomodate the range (due to finite manufacturer's tolerances re both the RAM and the chip set) of normal operating characteristics. Perhaps a BIOS upgrade will be enough to correct this and restore reliable and stable function.

    My A7N8X initially failed in the middle of a streaming media download (black screen with no POST on subsequent reboot attempts) with two sticks of 256MB Crucial PC2700 (p/n CT3264Z335) configured for dual operation. After a little of the normal troubleshooting routine, reseating cards, RAM, CPU, etc., I was able to get the board up and running again as long as the RAM was configured for single channel ops with either one or both modules. After half a dozen or so reboots in an attempt to get one of the dual channel configs to work again using both the Crucial PC2700 and a couple of sticks of Samsung PC2100, the board stopped working altogether. I believe the chip set went belly up.

    There's not much to do now but wait and see what the engineers come up with.

    I have received a couple of replies to my original post on another board (Sharky Extreme) that would indicate that the incompatibility is with nForce only at this time. The part is still listed on the compatibility page for your board in Crucial's web site.

    Not to worry...

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  3. Crucial has returned the original 512MB part (CT6464Z335) to their A7N8X compatibility page. It would appear that they have determined that the problem is with the mobo chipset or clock/timing setup.

    Look for a BIOS update from Asus in the near future or a technical bulletin from them addressing this issue.

    Over and out...

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  4. I'm using crucial with a Granite bay board and I'm getting great stability on the overclock. Don't know what that's all about.

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