System too slow, scandisk not working, (update)

My windows has started doing weird things.. although i have Norton antivirus and also zonealarm.. so i don;t think it can be a virus.. actually i feel there r couple of spywares... and i tried to unistall one but it still is there.. and also when i try to use scandisk it stops after 10 tries saying that some program is trying to access ur harddisk.. also the harddisk light is usually blinking for most of the time.. also disk defragmentation is not working saying first the scandisk should be run..

i think some registry errors there... but i m bit hesitant to install any other software that it might make the matter worse.. i can;t format the harddisk cuz i m in the middle of the semester... any wise suggestion u can give so i can keep the current windows for another 2 months..

different programs have started taking a lot longer time.. like Word and Outlook Express.. even Mycomputer take quite a bit of time sometime...

i think i need two programs one registry cleaner and another uninstaller.. which can uninstall any program which doesn;t have its own uninstall shield..

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  1. You said you have Nortons and Zone Alarm, if you have Nortons constantly running in the background, right click on the ICON in the lower right corner for Nortons and disable it, then try running scandisk again and see if it will complete its run, if it does go ahead and run Disk Defrager. If this works post your results here on the site and I'll tell you how you can check for other problems but you'll need to get past this Scandisk hangup first. Do you have your Win 98 SE install CD?
  2. i ran scan disk but to no avail..
    i check msconfig and found a bizarre program loading it is "zjzsepc" .. it is loading from windows temp..
    i uncheck it and then restarted but it again loaded.. rather two instances of it are loaded.. and no matter how many times i uncheck it whenever windows start it also start.. its an .exe program and also has .dll file with it.. and another one which is file type.. just three file with this name in the temp directory.. may be this is the culprit..

    any idea how to get rid of it..?
    Thanks for the suggestion all the way.

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  3. I'm running Win 98 SE on my machine also, what I'm about to pass on to you I want you to know that I've just walked through it on my own machine, its drastic measures but will not harm your system, but you must follow these instructions without any purposeful deviations. You will need to print these instructions so you can look at them as you go, because when you go to do this you will need to go off line and restart your machine before you begin. I'm going to use some abreviations to save myself some typing, and they are, LC single left click, LLC double left click, RC single right click, RRC double right click, EXM expander menu, DDM drop down menu.
    Here we go.
    Part 1.
    LC Start,Go to Settings, LC Control Panel in EXM,LLC Internet Options, (You should be on the General Tab if not select it.), In Temporary Internet Files Section,LC Delete Files, In pop up window put a check in the box, Delete all offline content, LC OK.
    On same General Tab at bottom, LC Clear History,LC OK in pop up window,(suggestion in the days to keep pages in history I keep mine at 0) LC OK at bottom to close Internet options, Then X Close the control panel.
    Part 2
    LC Start, go to Programs and LC on Windows Explorer in the EXM, in the left window LLC the Windows Folder, ( If the Windows Warning pops up, LC Show all files), in the right window, LLC the Temporary Internet Files Folder, LC one file in the list to highlight it, LC Edit, LC Select all from the DDM, LC File, LC Delete from the DDM, LC Yes from the are you sure window, then X close the Windows Explorer Window.
    Part 3
    Then make sure you go back to my original suggestion and disable Nortons Auto run feature because each time you restart your machine it reactivates and run scandisk again make sure in scandisk you're running the Standard scan, and the box is checked to fix the errors it finds, if scandisk completes run Disk Defragger. I hope this solves your problem post your results. 4ryan6
  4. Thanks a lot but actually i did manage to do the scandisk through starting the system with step by step configuration.. but that little program was still in the system.. anyway can u recommend some good utility for streamlining the windows and registry and optimizing the entire system... my net connection has gone quite slow..

    i did used norton system works 2002 but its terribly buggy atleast on my system.. so any other good utility u have in mind
  5. Delete the offending .exe file. Sure it will be a pain starting Windows to an error message that says it can't find the file... but at least you'll be sure it isn't running... then you can reload at your leisure.

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  6. TweakUI is a good all around tweaking, maintaining prog
  7. i tried to cut and copy it but windows gave me a msg that the file is in use...
    it has also an instance in windows/system directory.. and no utility for handling registry..?

    i have downloaded TweakUI but how to use it..
  8. in win 98se to optimize the registry ( use regclean 4.1 to clean up old entries) restart the system in DOS mode type at the command prompt Scanreg /fix to repair it , Scanreg /opt to optimize it and Scanreg /restore to roll back to a previously successful registry start Scanreg /? will list all of the options for this little utility


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  9. i have found another program winklto.exe in my startup group.. i don;t remember having this program b4... i tried to delete it from windows and then from dos and every time it gave an error stating that its a windows program... it don;t let me change its attribute even in dos mode...
    i want to know if it is really windows program... otherwise i should try to delete it from someother manner..

    ps. i manage to remove zjzsepc through dos.. i simply deleted them in dos and then i change my setting in msconfig and system is fine so far.. i tries scanreg and also system mechanic but they didn;t found it violating anything... so they left it as it was.. so i resort to my own ways..:)
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