Time-Warner wireless router not strong enough?

I've had T/W Roadrunner for years, and been delighted with the wireless service when using my own router. When we moved into a new house, I sold my Linksys because T/W provided a combo modem/router. Now, even after a router "upgrade," we have connection drop and the signal isn't beefy enough for my Blu-Ray player to pick it up for Netflix. It looks like I need to bridge the T/W modem and install my own new router. Is that the case?
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  1. you probably need an Extender/Repeater
  2. Hmm. I've got heard of an Extender/Repeater. Things I've read elsewhere about getting a good router and bridging it with the T/W router made sense, but I'm a babe in the woods in such matters. Can you elaborate?
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