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Hi. I'm building a system with windows 7 pro. My old system was windows XP with outlook express. I hear that windows 7 pro has windows Live mail and most of the people hate it.

I like the clean feel of outlook express and being able to download all my e-mail on external drives and Send photos very easy.

Is their a software program out their that close to outlook express?

Windows live has messenger, then windows outlook in office program looks to be the same as live. I don't want the messenger and all of the other crazy things with it.

I'm hearing that I can hack the vista version of windows mail thats close to outlook express into windows 7.

What your opinion?
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  1. Since I have struggled with this myself, I'll just cut to the chase. You need to let it go and move into the present.

    The truth is that email services that are essentially cloud based are far better. Storing emails locally is just asking for trouble.

    Once upon a time, storage space was expensive. Because of this ISPs wanted you to download all your email. That is the only reason this ever got started.

    Leave your emails on the server, where it's actually safer from potential hardware or software failures.

    This is why there is no more Outlook.

    Mozilla Thunderbird will do the same thing, but importing contact lists is usually a problem.

    Really, it's best to use Gmail for everything... including accessing other email accounts.
  2. Plus 1 for GMAIL ^
  3. Hi :)

    For OFFLINE email program like Outlook...use THUNDERBIRD....

    All the best Brett :)
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