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I'm new to this so apologies if i've picked things up wrong. I have a Gigabyte GA7VA motherboard, AMD xp 2400 and 1GB DDR 2700 ram.
When setting up the machine I set the CPU bus at 133mhz but was wondering if I have to set the DRAM frequency to match i.e 266. My 2700 ram will run at 333mhz so I was wondering if I can set the DRAM clock to this rate? In short is it possible to seperate the DRAM clock from the CPU clock? I tried it and the machine resets after a short while. The machine is fine when everything is rigged to 133/266.

any help or an explanation of how things work is appreciated.
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  1. You shold see a setting in the BIOS for the memory clock frequency.

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