Newbie DVD burning questions, please help

I'm wondering if you can burn DVD's into DVD format and play it in a DVD player? Or does it have to be changed to VCD or some other format? And if it needs to be encoded, doesn't that take forever? Would I need a fast hard drive and CPU? Do movies fit onto one disc? How much do blanks cost. Sorry for all the questions, but if someone could give me a mini-primer it would be great. It just seems that it's a big hassle. Aren't the discs encoded? And some burners won't do it? I'm just seeing if the pitfalls are worth the trouble or not.

Thanks for your time!

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  1. Of course you can burn DVD's on DVD video format that can be played in a DVD player. You just need the right burning and encoding software. Some burning software already includes the encoding function, otherwise get an encoding software or hardware which simply converts any video file (usually in AVI format) to MPEG 2 format as required by DVD. If you'll be using software encoding, then a fast CPU is a must. A single-sided DVD can hold up to 4.37GB of data which will store more than an hour of movies. To get a better understanding of this topic, I recommend you visit the following site:

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