Cant link to financial sites with Explorer 5.5...

Hello..I use WIN 98 and MS Explorer 5.5 on my rig.
When I click on a link that sends me to a page for financial transactions or financial records I receive the following message:
"This page cannot be displayed". My guess is that my security settings need to be changed. I can get to those web sites from my at work computer so I know the pages are not down. Ive tweaked and played with the security settings so how can I amend my Explorer to allow me to view those financial sites I need to visit? I thought that Explorer was already 128 bit encrypted too.
Thank you.
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  1. HTTPS pages? Connecting via a proxy server?
  2. No had to update IE 5.5 with the Megasloth service patch now can get there from here.

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  3. Explorer SUX.
    Get Opera.

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