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I just installed my old Sound Blaster X-Gamer sound card into my computer. I was using onboard sound and needed to record off the line in. Installed the card with no problems. All my games, mp3s, and movies play just fine. No popping, crackling or anything else.
By the way this is on a VIA kt266 chipset and windows XP.
I was so expecting problems since everyone else seems to have them. I am soooo dissappointed.
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  1. you are using Windows XP, that is the problem hehehehe

    XP does great for that kind of stuff, that is why it is superior to any other OS out there. Some may think differently, but I haven't any problems with it, unlike every other OS made by Microsoft... except for DOS, which still ownz :)

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  3. Did you ever install the VIA latency patch?

    You have two kinda sporadic products in your computer--the VIA motherboard and the SB X-Gamer. X-Gamer and VIA are not always a good fit. I would do this: Uninstall the SB Live. If you haven't done so recently, go to the site of your MB manufacturer, download and install the newest 4-in-1 drivers from VIA, which includes the PCI Latency patch. Install the new 4-1 drivers and then reboot and see if XP picks up the sound card. Download Creative's newest drivers only if the XP drivers don't work, or don't offer full functionality.

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