PC doesn't shut down.

Hello, everybody. The problem that I'm having is that my PC isn't shutting down. When I press the option, the PC goes into the shutting down screen and hangs there indefinitely. I have tried to leave it there for many periods of time but it still never shuts down. The only way to shut down the PC would be to force it through the Power button and through the Reset button. Another issue is that my PC doesn't detect new USB items, like a flash drive that is connected after the PC is turned on and can only detect USB items when they are plugged in when the PC is turned on.

I have booted into Safe Mode and both issues are not apparent. New USB items are detected and I can shutdown or restart the computer. It seems to me that the problem may be memory related but I ran a dskchk and no problems were encountered. Another thing that may have caused the issues may have been something with the registry. This issue has been bothering me for a few weeks now and I need help.
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  1. the problem is not memory related, or hard disk related. it is a program or a driver that is not shutting down properly to cause your windows shutdown to hang.
  2. since in SafeMode these problems did not appear, then its software problem, as nhasian said, you want to use MSCONFIG and try to disable NON windows services, clean registries using CCleaner and junk files uninstall useless programs, defrag you partitions. and also you might check in task manager what is running and takes lot of windows resources.

    -what OS you have?
    -updated your drivers?
    -what is you pc specs?
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