Regarding how to format c drive using command prompt

while formatting c dirve by using system repair disk and using command prompt after step 8 ,i am getting message formatting 3M. can't format. drive is write protected.
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  1. could be you have a bad hard disk. you should try replacing it.
  2. Try progressing with your Installation disk as if you were installing Windows, when you get to the 'Where do you want to Install Wndows' screen, choose 'Advanced Drive options'. Here you can delete existing partitions and format them. If, however you cannot 'see' C drive or any of these operations fail, then as nhasian says, look for a new HDD...
  3. Try googling for this issue with your exact drive name (model number etc.) Some drives may have various locking mechanisms that will need to be worked around to do what you want to do. Ie I remember having one drive that you'd have to disconnect from the motherboard after boot and then reconnect to get around a default locking mode that prevents bulk erase etc.
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