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Hi, on Friday I get a free download of Windows 7 from my university. I currently have Vista 32 bit but plan to install 7 64-bit so I will have to do a custom install. I thought it might be a good time to also add a second harddrive (a SSD) to install the new OS. Since I won't have the actual CD, can I download Windows 7 onto the SSD, unplug my SATA harddrive and then boot using my SSD to install the OS.

Any help would be appreciated as I am new at this.
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  1. no you cannot. you must install windows 7 from either a CD or a usb thumbdrive.
  2. If the free download is in the form of an ISO this enables you to burn the installation to a DVD which can then be used to install W7 on your SSD. Alternatively download an ISO from here
    and ask your Uni if they can provide a licence key to activate Windows
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