ECHO! Echo! echo!

My audio sounds like it's in a concrete hallway. I can't find any evironment settings to change anything. What's the deal? Here's the system specs:

A7N8X mobo (non-deluxe)
1024mb Corsair XMS3200 (2x512mb, slots 2 & 3)
Creative Live X-Gamer sound card

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  1. If you haven't already...Look on your Volume Control appy (double click the speaker in your system tray). If you click options you will find an "advanced controls" option that will add buttons to the sliders. If you get one under the main volume try it... usually there's bass and treble controls in there and sometimes reverb and chorus settings. Same under the MIDI slider...

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  2. Bass, treble and "Digital Only" are all that I found there. MIDI has nothing under it.

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  3. Ok... tried looking on the advanced or settings tabs in the control panel's sound appy?

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  4. Tried evey one of them. Tried speaker settings, Audio settings and voice settings. Every one brought up a similar screen. None had any type of environment setting. Hmph!

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  5. You can change the settings for reverb, echo and other environmental effects in Creative's Surround Mixer (at least that's the way with my Audigy). Set all to 'No effect'.
  6. Reverb and chorus settings don't always appear in Windows' sounds properties or volume control depending on the sound card you're using. Like the last guy said, try Creative's utility to see if it helps.
  7. I don't have it installed. How would those settings get changed if I don't use the Creative software at all? I have drivers only and the sound was perfect for months until last week. I can install it I guess but I hate unnecessary software on the machine.

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  8. Did you install any audio playback or recording programs recently? Or any type of media player programs? The settings might be enabled accidentally while using those software. The Creative's utility should show you if this is the case.
  9. I don't blame you for not wanting seldom used or unnecessary software on your system and I'm no fan of all the crap Creative asks you to install with their cards. Half of it really doesn't work well enough to want to keep.

    However, you may be learning it's not so unnecessary afterall. Reading more of the thread, it's starting to sound like some piece of software on your system has enabled the reverbarator (Reverb) and perhaps other spacial features and then exited or crashed without turning them off. Bad software, unexpected exits... It happens.

    Many creative drivers install a secondary volume control appy called "ensmix32.exe" or "ensmix.exe" which you may be able to launch from the Run function on your startbar (Click Start/Run type ensmix32 and click OK). I found reverb and chorus settings on this appy that are not installed into the windows volume controls on my system. It's a terrible volume control appy, but it does have the reverb and chorus settings on it. You might want to give this a try... before sticking in a bunch of extra software.

    Once you find the settings you need to reset, you can uninstall everything but the one appy needed to control them. That much should stay behind in case this happens again...

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  10. Thanks for all the help. I found the / an answer. I figured I'd just reinstall the drivers and see if that reset things. When I got to the Creative page, there was a new patch for the latest drivers. Here is the list of fixes:

    * Speaker settings in Creative Audio Mixer are synchronized with Windows Multimedia setting.
    * Performs recording without playback.
    * Removes Wave distortion after system returns from hibernation state.

    The last one caught my eye. I don't know if that fixed it or if it was reinstalling the drivers but everything is fine now. Kinda boring though after listening to everything in "concert hall" effect for the past month!

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  11. Ok, here's a simple trick you can use...

    Now that you have the thing set in a default state you like go into your registry, with REGEDIT and locate the settings for your sound card... and export them to a .REG file.

    Depending on your OS they could be in a couple of different places. In win2k and XP they will be someplace in the:

    HKEy_local machine/system/CurrentControlSet/Control/Class hive.

    The exact location will depend on order of installation and the board's PCI-ID... so it may take a little bit of work to find them.

    Once you locate the creative drivers, the valueset you want to save is named "Settings". Just mark it, click "Registry" in REGIT's menu and select Export... the rest is easy... put a copy on a floppy or some other place where you won't lose it.

    If they get wonky again just double click the .REG file and reboot to put them back to defaults!

    Hope this helps...

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