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here is the system i am planning on building:
AMD Athlon XP 2400+
Asus A7N8X motherboard
Vantec AeroFlow Heatsink with TMD fan
Western Digital 60GB 7200rpm Hard Drive (paid only $38)
Micron 512mb DDR 3200 (might get 2 sticks...1GB)
ATI Radeon 9700 or 9700 Pro (still deciding)
16x DVD drive

i was looking at a 450watt or a 500watt from PowerMagic. i know its a cheap brand but i dont want to spend too much on the power supply.
any ideas of how big of a PSU i will need?
and also what brand to get?
thanks for any responses!
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  1. If thats all that you're running in the system then you really don't need 450 or 550w. You might be better off going with a smaller PSU from Antec or Enermax. You'll have ample power and a quality PSU to boot. Why bother spending less money on a cheap PSU only to have to replace it 6 months to a year later?
  2. Anything over about 350 watts should be adequate. I'd buy a good quality 400 and call it "future proofing".

    Also, you may like to reconsider your motherboard choice... take a look in the "Motherboards and Chipsets" forum... lots of problems with the A7NX motherboards...

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  3. seriously dude, I made the same mistake and changed my no name 300W to an enermax dual fan 350W about 3 weeks later - the system kept on shutting down on me randomly and its voltage peaks were enough to f*ck up any hardware... dude, for the $25 more its the cheapest part of your computer, but the part that most ppl decide to cheap-out upon.

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  4. would an Enlight 420w PSU be good? i found one on newegg for $46.
  5. "Also, you may like to reconsider your motherboard choice... take a look in the "Motherboards and Chipsets" forum... lots of problems with the A7NX motherboards..."

    On the flip side of that, lots of people like this board. Take a look at Tom's Reader's Choice Awards. The A7N8X won the Best Overall Motherboard category by a mile, getting 30.1% of the vote. The next closest was 8.3%. As other people have mentioned, when you have a considerably larger total number of people buying a certain board, you will end up with a larger total number of problems, especially when people put crummy memory or other components on it, don't know what they're doing, or do their best to screw with it TOO much. If you're still in doubt, some other nforce2 boards from Epox (8RDA+) and MSI seem to be doing pretty well, too.

    As Teq mentioned, 400 watts should be sufficient. Don't skimp too much on the power supply, or you may end up with a box full of parts that won't run at all, no matter what model they are. Tom has a review of 21 power supplies, if you're interested. Good luck with your build.

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  6. i ended up going with the WinFast K7NCR18D-Pro motherboard. loaded with good features, and only $105.
    i'm not doing any overclocking or anything like that, so i don't need the best MB out there. i'm using it for gaming and multimedia mainly, so i think that the Winfast board will be good.
    i guess i am going with the Enlight 420w PSU. I wanted to get over 400w and pay under $50, so this one sounds pretty good. i currently have an Antec 350w PSU with these parts:
    ECS K7S5A
    AMD Athlon XP 1700+
    Volcano 6+
    Geforce 4 Ti 4200 128mb
    Audigy 2
    512mb DDR 2100
    cdrw and dvd
    and it has been running great for the last year and a half.
    i wanted to get another ECS motherboard but they aren't using the nForce chipset yet.
    anyway, thanks for all the advice everyone!
  7. Excellent. That's one of the boards I thought about getting before I got my ASUS (I like Leadtek's graphics cards). Let us know what you think of it when you get everything going.

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