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I have issues creating a disk mirror using Windows 7 built in software mirroring.

This problem concerns three disks with the same size, 500 GB. One of them is old and about to crash. The other two is brand new. Reacently I did a complete disk-backup of the old one onto one of the newer, using Windows built in backup-function. Then I found out that I could do a software-mirror using Windows Disk Management. I have decided that I want to use that instead, so now I'm trying to use the "Add Mirror..."-function on the old disk with the second new disk as "the mirror destination", but i can't. The option is grayed out when i right-click in the old disk:( The strange thing is that it's not grayed out when i right-click on the new disk with the backup on:/

Why is it grayed out? Please help!

Thanks in advance:)

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  1. RAID 1 (any RAID) is not a substitute for backups. RAID is good if you need to your system to keep running if a single drive fails. RAID can't protect you against viruses, accidental file deletion, or corrupt files.

    Stick with your backup plan.
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