What are some good wifi adapter for gaming desktop ?

I just finished up building my gaming desktop about a month ago , I bought the TP-Link USB wifi adapter but it broke after few days and now I'm using the NetGear N900 USB wifi adapter but it's getting problem too , I get 4 solid signal bars of the wifi signal but my ping is up and down most of the time makes gaming difficult. So I'm looking to invest in a wifi adapter whether if it's PCI or USB or any other type if there is. I really need one that receive strong signal and stable connection because my modem is like 35ft away from my desktop. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated , thank you :)
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  1. i got myself a USB Linksys EA3000 for one of my pc's and a extreme N PCI-e card for my other pc . The USB EA3000 has 3x3 antennas so its actually more performant than the PCI card. it DEVOURS the PCI card. It has the highest connection rate found in N cards. 450mbps. 99% of n adapters are 300mbps.

    In any case, both PC's are side by side, about 50feet from the router,the USB wins every time with incresibly low ping and a full 5 bars all the time, as opposed to the PCI card that has 3 external antennas that gets 3 bars all the time. At the moment the ea3000 is the best... well aside from the monster ASUS (PCE-AC66) , also that thing is beautiful.
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